About me.

Graphic design is about getting things done. Efficiently. It’s how I lay out my pages, thoughts, rooms and days. It’s about solving problems, be they self-initiated, client based or existential. It’s finding the right way to say what needs to be said.

I hold degrees from the Cooper Union and MICA—Maryland Institute College of Art. In 1993 I was a fellow of the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, and have taken graduate writing workshops at City College in New York. I joined the undergraduate graphic design faculty at MICA in 2005. My work is interdisciplinary, spanning design, art and writing. My research topics include the overlap of fashion and graphics, participatory culture, and recent design trends in the Balkans.

Download my resume here.

How to pronounce my name?
Zvezdana Stojmirovic
ZVE-zda-nah stoy-ME-rove-itch